Ensuring THE SAFETY AND integrity OF the inner Loop IN eSTERO fLORIDA

Why we're fighting!


 The safety of our roadways and environment are at risk!  Conservation 20/20 lands are at risk for “Interdepartmental” swaps  changing  land use to public facilities without giving courtesy notices to affected homeowners. Trust has been violated as public input is stymied, procedural questions of good governance and oversight arise.

A community in crisis!


 Lee County is proposing to construct a  Solid Waste Transfer Station, Waste Water Treatment & Household Hazardous Waste Facilities at East Alico Bend on Conservation Land and is failing to develop concurrent infrastructure. This creates unsafe roadways for all commuters in the area. 

Does this affect your family?

Do you work at or have children or family that attend FGCU? Have you recently purchased a home site in Wild Blue,  live at Bella Terra, Corkscrew Shores or any of the many communities on Corkscrew, Ben Hill Griffin and Alico Roads? Are you looking for recreation opportunities within the Inner Loop with safe access? 

About Us

We are a group of concerned citizens fighting for the integrity and safety of our community.

The Inner Loop Working Group's mission is to ensure integrity and safety in community development impacting the 17 mile loop connecting Alico, Corkscrew & Ben Hill Griffin. This Solid Waste Transfer Station would add an estimated 500 trucks to our already overcrowded  Corkscrew and Alico Roadways. The site would be placed in the middle of the DR/GR (Density Reduction/ Groundwater Recharge) area. This is Lee Counties source of drinking water for your family. 

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This site would be placed in the flow-way of the headwaters for the Estero River watershed. This historic flow-way flows directly through Estero before entering the Estero River eventually emptying into the Estero Bay.  Approximately 500 garbage trucks carrying waste would spill hazardous leachate  onto our roadways and into the flow-way, and your backyard.  As in the past,  seasonal flooding will wash toxins and waste into our Estero water. Algae anyone? 

The Safety of Our Roadways

 Lee County Is grossly underestimating the traffic on Corkscrew and Alico at only 2% growth.   On Alico road between Ben Hill and Corkscrew, there were a total of 33 accidents in 2016 and a whopping 31 in only 7 months of 2019, an accident every 5.96 days, vs and accident every 11.06 days in 2016. This is an additional 28 accidents per year, a 90% increase! This also does not take into account the multiple communities currently being built. In order to mitigate the danger of an additional 500 trucks, Lee County has proposed adding stripes, reflectors, signs, and street lights at the bus stops. Lee County is the 8th deadliest metro in the nation for pedestrians. Are we striving for #1? 

County Purchased harper tract though application withdrawn

Stay informed, engaged and vigilant regarding this proposed facility. Sign up to hear from us.

Contact Your county COMMISSIONERS

Contact us if you can help!

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Contacting The County is The Best Way To Give Public Input

Writing your County Commissioners, and the media speaks volumes!

Short on time? Just cut and paste: 


Honorable Commissioners:

I am adamantly opposed to the construction the Solid Waste Transfer Station, Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off,  and Wastewater Treatment Facility on Alico Road.   I have concerns for public safety and  health, quality of life including access to safe recreation, real estate values, environmental impacts and the integrity of the Conservation 20/20 Lands Program land use changes. 

EPA siting guidelines for excluding sites for Solid Waste Transfer Stations include: wetlands and floodplains, endangered and protected flora and fauna habitats, protected sites of historical, archeological or cultural significance, prime agricultural land and parks and preserves.  I expect Lee County to follow these guidelines, and put public safety and well being at the forefront of your decision.


Concerned Citizen

District 1: John Manning 239-533-2224

District 2: Cecil Pendergrass 239-533-2227

District 3: Ray Sandelli 239-533-2223

District 4: Brian Hamman 239-533-2226

District 5: Frank Mann 239-533-2225

Mail Letters ASAP To: 

2120 Main St. Fort Myers, FL 33901

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